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The Secret Reynolds Rendezvous

If you are Ryan Reynolds' PR person and found this page you 100% deserve a raise.  You can tell him we said that! 
Ryan, we heard you like to GoFundMe Bomb so here is a quick link: 

Update 4/15/2023:
 Breaking News: Ryan Reynolds Donates to Manasota Youth Soccer Club with Money Saved on Rob McElhenney's Birthday Gift

In a hilarious turn of events, Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds decided to channel his inner Deadpool and donate the funds he had initially set aside for his Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney's birthday gift to the Manasota Youth Soccer Club instead.

Reynolds said, "I figured, why not use the money to support a good cause, and then serenade Rob with a musical masterpiece about his last name? That's way better than an expensive gift, right?"

The Manasota Youth Soccer Club is ecstatic about the unexpected donation, and they can't stop talking about how they've always known how to pronounce Rob's last name correctly. The club has now created a new chant for their games, which incorporates the correct pronunciation of McElhenney's name.

With the funds donated by Reynolds, Manasota Youth Soccer Club will provide jerseys for all their teams for the entire year. The club is looking forward to a brighter future, thanks to Ryan's generosity and humor.

As for Rob, he's reportedly thrilled with the creative birthday gift and the goodwill gesture to Manasota Youth Soccer Club. The only thing he's wondering now is whether they'll be singing that catchy birthday song during their matches as well.

So, in conclusion, Ryan Reynolds has once again saved the day, brought laughter to many, and made a positive impact on the lives of young soccer players in Palmetto, Florida. Bravo, Ryan, bravo!

Update 4/3/2023: Breaking News: Ryan Reynolds inspired by Wrexham AFC's selfless goalkeeper Mark Howard, decides to support another grassroots soccer club with a jersey sponsorship.

The Deadpool star and co-owner of Wrexham AFC, Ryan Reynolds, was deeply moved by the story of Mark Howard's selflessness and teamwork. In a surprising twist, Ryan has decided to extend his generosity to Manasota Youth Soccer Club in Palmetto, Florida.

Ryan says, "If the goalies in Wrexham can put the team first, then why not help a small but mighty club get a leg up? I mean, they only need $6,000 for jerseys for an entire year, and that's a drop in the bucket compared to what I'm spending on Wrexham AFC. Plus, I hear they have an incredible Deadpool-inspired color scheme, and who can resist that?"

In a gesture of pure kindness, Ryan hopes to inspire others to join him in supporting Manasota Youth Soccer Club. "Let's show these kids that they've got our support, both on and off the field!"

That's what the news could read Ryan! Now, all that's left is for you to turn this heartwarming fantasy into a reality. The ball's in your court. Will you be the hero these young soccer players need?

Update 4/1/2023: Hey there, Ryan! So, we heard about your little £3 million "oopsie" with Wrexham FC in the latest financial report. Bummer, right? But, fear not! We've got a fantastic opportunity for you to spin that frown upside down, and it involves our humble little soccer club, Manasota Youth Soccer.

Introducing the "£3 Million Bargain"! For a teensy-weensy investment of just $6,000 (which, let's be honest, is a mere fraction of that £3 million slip-up), you can become the superhero of our story by sponsoring the jerseys for not just one, but ALL our teams for an entire year. That's right, Deadpool! You'll be single-handedly turning a financial facepalm into a heartwarming tale of generosity and support for a whole bunch of young athletes.

Plus, think of the bragging rights! You'll have the unique honor of helping an entire soccer community with a sum that's probably less than what you'd spend on chimichangas in a month. And, as a bonus, you'll be forever immortalized as the real-life superhero who swooped in and saved the day for our club.

Now, let's not forget the cherry on top: that sweet, sweet tax write-off. We know you're not in it for the money, but just imagine the colossal impact that a $6,000 tax deduction could have on your bottom line. I mean, we're talking about a potential avalanche of savings that could almost, maybe, sort of, possibly, buy you... like, one-eighth of a fancy sports car? Okay, maybe not that much, but every little bit counts, right?

So, what do you say, Ryan? Ready to trade in that red suit for a bunch of red, black, and white jerseys? Let's make this "£3 Million Bargain" a reality and show everyone what a difference the power of Deadpool can make!

Update 3/30/2023: BREAKING NEWS: In a hilarious turn of events, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the dynamic duo behind Wrexham AFC's new era, found themselves in an awkward situation during a video conference call with the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. Reynolds and McElhenney were left feeling intimidated by the stoic silence of the former Manchester United manager and ended the call in a panic.

Ryan, why not ask your new friend Sir Alex Ferguson to split the cost of our jerseys? After all, the laughter you three shared coming up with that conference call surely must have solidified your friendship, right?

With the triple-threat dream team of Reynolds, McElhenney, and Sir Alex joining forces, Manasota Youth Soccer's future would be shinier than Deadpool's katana collection. We can picture a world where our tiny soccer warriors kick butt and take names, all fired up by these awe-inspiring legends not only backing us but also quite literally providing the jerseys on our backs.

So, Ryan, here's your shot at turning this hysterical little mishap into a glorious real-life adventure for our humble soccer club. Why not give good ol' Sir Alex a shout, and together, we can whip up a legendary tale that'll have folks talking for eons to come – Deadpool style, of course. Wink, wink..

Yours in laughter and hope (more hope than laughter actually),
The Manasota Youth Soccer League (Champions of witty appeals and believers in the power of teamwork)

Update 3/29/2023: BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Reynolds, the ingenious actor and entrepreneur, has announced that he will use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his company, Mint Mobile, to T-Mobile, to support the Manasota Youth Soccer League in Palmetto, FL! The deal, which netted Reynolds hundreds of millions of dollars, has opened up an opportunity for him to give back to the community in a big way.

In a statement, Reynolds explained his motivation for the generous donation, saying, "The money they needed to make an entire soccer community happy was only 0.0001% of how much I owed in taxes on the sale, so why not?"

This philanthropic move by Reynolds has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm and gratitude from the Manasota Youth Soccer League, who can now look forward to an even brighter future for their young athletes, thanks to Reynolds' incredible generosity.

In this heartwarming tale of success and giving back, Ryan Reynolds has once again proven that he is not only a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment and business world but also a compassionate superhero off-screen, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

We can only hope that this imaginary news item becomes a reality, inspiring other successful entrepreneurs to follow in Reynolds' footsteps and use their success to uplift and support communities in need.

Yours in gratitude and admiration,

The Manasota Youth Soccer League
(Celebrating the power of imagination and the hope for a better future)

Update 3/28/2023: BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Reynolds, the benevolent and talented superhero we all know and love, has swooped in to sponsor the jerseys for the small but mighty club in Palmetto, FL, named Manasota Youth Soccer! This heartwarming news has sent shockwaves through the soccer-loving community and has left everyone in awe of the power of a well-placed, excessively flattering appeal.

Now, Ryan, we know this is just a hypothetical news release (for now), but imagine the joy and inspiration your support could bring to our humble club. You could make this imaginary headline a reality and become the superhero off-screen that our community needs. Plus, we heard that being a soccer sponsor might even improve your already extraordinary acting skills. Just a rumor, but why not test it out?

And while we're dreaming big, we'd also jump at the idea of playing sister club to the FC United of Wrexham, under wise and glorious sponsorship. Of course, we'll have to insist on keeping our Deadpool-inspired red, black, and white colors – it's only fitting to honor the legendary character you brought to life on the big screen.

So, come on, Ryan! Seize this opportunity to score big for our youth soccer club and create a legacy that transcends the silver screen. We're ready for you to take us under your wing and lead us to victory, all while maintaining our stylish Deadpool color scheme.

Yours in anticipation,

The Manasota Youth Soccer League
(Proudly rocking Deadpool colors and awaiting our superhero sponsor)

Original: Dear Ryan Reynolds (a.k.a. the Great and Magnificent),

We know you're an incredibly busy guy, saving the world one witty comment and blockbuster movie at a time, but we're hoping you might spare a few minutes to hear our humble appeal (and maybe a laugh or two).

Welcome to the secret corner of the Manasota Youth Soccer website, dedicated exclusively to you, the illustrious Ryan Reynolds. Our club shares your passion for soccer, and like Deadpool, we're here to do good, albeit with fewer explosions and chimichangas.

Our mission is simple: to provide affordable soccer education and mentoring to children in Palmetto, FL and the surrounding area, regardless of their financial situation. We dream of doing so much more for our young athletes and their families, but we refuse to burden them with the cost.

So, we come to you, oh Van Wilder of Soccer Dreams. Could you lend us your support (and wallet) to help make a difference in the lives of these kids? We promise to use your generous contribution to change the game for them, quite literally.  Our request is simple, we need about $6000 to put kits on 500+ players each year.  We could do that on the backs of their parents but that isn't good for their family budgets.   We also want to take our U18-U16 boys to college ID camps but that costs $150-$300 per player per camp!  Wouldn't it be incredible if Deadpool swept in and paid for our kits so we could use that $6000 to send the older boys to those camps?  After all, red, black and white are our colors too! 

Now we aren't talking fancy kits here, that's not the kind of outfit we are.  We are talking a light and a dark kit from the section of the catalog that the sales guy doesn't want you to look through.   At Manasota the player makes the jersey special not the other way around. 

Families shouldn't have to choose between food, bills and sport.  We struggle each year to make sure every player has a place to learn the beautiful game in our region. You shouldn't have to choose which of your children gets to play this year because you can only afford registration for one! 

Now, we acknowledge this is a shot in the dark, and the chances of you, the brilliant and awe-inspiring Ryan Reynolds, ever stumbling upon this page are slim to none. But, hey, we figured it was worth a try. If anyone reading this just so happens to know Ryan personally (or has a secret Bat-Signal-esque Reynold-Signal), please let him know about this covert corner of our website. We're shooting for one part Reynolds superfan and one part funding appeal, sprinkled with just enough charm to catch the eye of the ever-dashing Ryan Reynolds.

In the unlikely event that our plea reaches your eyes, Mr. Reynolds, just know that your support would mean the world to us and to the countless young athletes whose lives you would help transform. Plus, you'd be the hero of our story, and we all know you're excellent at playing that role.

So, dear reader (and hopefully Ryan Reynolds), thank you for taking the time to explore our secret Reynolds Rendezvous. Together, let's kick some goals, inspire the next generation, and make a lasting impact on the Manasota Youth Soccer community.

Yes this is all fantasy news... for now?

Sincerely, and with bated breath,

The Manasota Youth Soccer League
(Proudly one part Ryan Reynolds superfan statement, one part funding appeal)

Internet gods please don't smite our contact info...

Thank You Sincerely,
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